⚙️Staking Pools

Fixed-duration pools have been specifically designed to accommodate staked positions (spNFTs) from users, thereby introducing an additional layer of yield rewards with the existing returns generated by those positions.

In a more tangible sense, these pools serve as a direct and completely permissionless avenue for protocols to encourage liquidity provision, eliminating the necessity for intermediaries. What truly distinguishes them is their capacity to impose a set of prerequisites. This empowers projects with the distinctive ability to pinpoint the precise staking user profiles they wish to incentivize or concentrate rewards on specific liquidity types.

  1. Official Staking Pools: These are initiated by the Dalmatian team or verified partners. They bear the official stamp of approval and oversight.

  2. Community Staking Pools: These are openly deployed by any participant within the community. This decentralized approach encourages inclusivity and diverse participation, expanding the ecosystem's reach and impact.

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