Yield Farms

spNFTs, representing staked positions, hold a versatile range of utilities, with one of their primary initial roles being the replacement of conventional yield farming mechanisms by incorporating Dalmatian incentives.

Yield-Bearing NFTs: From a user perspective, the mechanics share substantial similarities with standard DeFi farms. However, a crucial distinction lies in the allocation of rewards. Instead of directing rewards exclusively to typical farms, the Dalmatian Master contract channels incentives to all staking positions associated with team-specified wrapped LPs. In essence, staking position owners are entitled to Dalmatian yield incentives only if their holdings align with the selected assets. The roster of incentivized positions can be found on the dedicated page.

Earning Rewards: Upon inclusion of a staked position's LP within the list of incentivized pairs, the corresponding spNFT commences generating yield. More information soon

Yield Boosting: Enhancing returns from yield-generating staked positions is attainable through two methods: employing locks or activating the YieldBooster plugin. More information soon

This innovative mechanism allows users to maximize their earnings from staked positions while contributing to the dynamic yield generation ecosystem of the Dalmatian platform.