Pools exclusively accept staked positions (spNFTs) as deposits. Each Pool is equipped with specific configurations:

  • A designated wrapped LP (or single asset) for which positions can be deposited.

  • A reward token (with the option to add more rewards later).

  • A deposit start time prevents staking before the set time.

  • A rewards distribution phase duration with defined start and end times.

  • An optional harvest start time before which reward collection isn't possible.

Custom Pools may also be available, marked by varying settings that users will be informed about on the respective pool page. All custom Pools on the app either originate directly from the team or have undergone team-led audits.

In terms of multi-staking, users can deposit as many spNFTs as desired. Rewards are calculated based on cumulative deposits. Users can add new positions or withdraw them, either partially or in full.

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